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Testimonials, Reviews & Accolades

Self Development Academy is considered by and large to be one of the best charter schools in Mesa AZ. In fact, Self Development Academy is considered to be one of the best schools in Arizona, period. Among our many accolades include being ranked #1 in Mesa by the Arizona Department of Education in 2013, receiving the Academic Excellence Award in 2011, and being named the Charter School of the Year in 2010. We are also proud of the fact that the percentage of SDA students who pass Arizona's standardized tests surpasses the state average.

Like the very best elementary schools and high schools in Arizona, SDA is committed to empowering our students and fostering a passion for life-long learning. Our faculty and staff all care deeply about the success of your child, and we do everything we can to inspire students to achieve their scholarly potential.

Of course we consider ourselves to be one of the best middle schools in Arizona, but don’t just take our word for it. Here you'll find testimonials from parents and formers students regarding SDA's curriculum, faculty, class structure, parental involvement, and overall educational experience. If you have questions about enrolling your child or would like to see additional parent testimonials, please call us at (480) 641-2640 or contact us online.

Here are some of our parent and student reviews:

Self Development Charter School and Preschool are incredible schools that offer a top notch education. Both schools afforded me a stellar education for the thirteen years I attended. I am currently in my junior year of high school and receiving offers from schools such as Yale and Princeton as well as PAC-12 schools. I can attribute much of my success to the strong foundation I was given by SDCS in math, reading, writing, science and other enrichment courses. With the support of a great principal and caring teachers, I was able to achieve great success in and out of the classroom. At this time, I would like to thank Self Development schools for instilling valuable knowledge and helping me to be a life long learner.

- Cade, former Self Development Student 

Self Development Academy is a very caring and supportive Middle School. Even though the curriculum is accelerated often including high school level courses, qualified teachers and the small class size enable students to thrive and challenge themselves to learn. Teachers and staff under the direction of Dr. Majeed, the Principal, work tirelessly to meet all the needs of students well beyond academic related issues. My daughter, completed 8th Grade this year, and I thank the school for laying the foundation for her upcoming high school education. In an IB program as a freshman, she is taking Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Geometry, Advanced World History, and Advanced English.

- June Lee, Parent of SDA Student

SDA afforded my children a stellar education. Both attended the charter school for eight years and transitioned to high school perfectly. The math and science program the school offers allowed my children to enter into Honors courses. Not only did the school foster a strong math and science foundation, but also an incredible language arts foundation, which helped them in their AP English courses. Furthermore, SDA instilled in my children a love for reading and writing. Along with a top-notch academic program, SDA provides many enrichment programs to enhance the accelerated curriculum. With these skills, both are striving for great success in and out of the classroom.

- Sherri Cote, Parent of SDA Students

Our daughter has been a Life Long Learner at SDA (K-8). SDA has set the foundation for her education. The options for a student completing 8th Grade at SDA are endless, thanks to the dedication, integrity and curriculum of the faculty and staff. Perseverance of each faculty and staff member has enabled our child to surpass and be well equipped for High School. In High School she is taking Honors Geometry, Honors Chemistry, and US History I.

We will miss the stability in the staff; structure and ability to provide a safe learning environment. The staff will always be number one in our hearts and minds. We cannot express our gratitude for all the diligence, honesty, organization and talent of the staff that has instilled in our daughter the importance of education. She has become a well-rounded individual with a promising future.

Each child is known by Dr. Majeed, Principal, and SDA is a home away from home. All children are given the tools to succeed; with guidance and reassurance they bring education to another level. I love SDA and would recommend it to you and your child to experience education at its finest. Invent in their future by investing in their education.

- June Cormack, Parent of SDA Student

I am a "graduated" student of SDCS, currently enrolled in the IB Programme at Westwood High (I'm in 10th grade). I can honestly say this school helped me understand and admire why learning is so important. I feel this is a great environment for children to learn in, and I have used the tools I learned here throughout my educational career thus far. I am proud to say I have a 4.7 GPA and university with scholarships is an option for me. SDCS really does guide their students in the right direction. If this school is still around when I have children one day, I will most definitely consider sending them here.

-Student Review on

I am so happy to have found a school that goes above and beyond to help their students in any way possible. My son has struggled at times and the school has gone out of their way to work with him and us to ensure he is successful. The principal has personally worked with my son and the other staff members to ensure he has a positive experience. The school is not focused on discipline. Self Development is focused on helping their students learn and be successful in all endeavors. Many schools say they are child centered, but I do not believe it would be possible to find a more child centered school than Self Development.

-Parent Review on

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