School Begins August 4, 2020 with Remote Learning for All Students. School Distant Learning Plans are available.

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Student attendance will be taken utilizing a combination of three methods. The three methods are by attendance at scheduled live instructional sessions, completion and submission of assignments, as well as, a weekly submitted parent attestation form. Students must participate in the remote learning program if enrolled at Self Development Academy.

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SDA Fights Covid

Self Development Means Community Development

" nurture capable, thriving students who are equally confident in their scholastic abilities and their responsibilities to their communities." - SDA Vision

Self Development Academy's vision means that our students' sense of duty to their community is tantamount to their pursuit of knowledge and truth.  We learn math and science so we can engineer new breakthrough technologies and vaccinations.  

Self Development Joins Fight Against Covid 

Self Development is fighting COVID in a variety of ways.  

Making and Donating Necessary PPE to Hospitals and Nursing Homes

After learning about a PPE shortage, Self Development students at our preschool and academies taught themselves how to sew in order to make PPE for nursing homes and hospitals statewide.  Almost daily, students are spending their time and their hearts making sure healthcare providers have enough protective equipment.  If you are interested in helping us make PPE, please contact Vernetta Madsen at Self Development Preschool  

"Community Swap" EventsStudent artwork

Give what you can, take what you need

Every Wednesday, Self Development Campuses in Mesa, Phoenix, and Glendale host their "Community Swap" events.  It’s a way for the community to support itself.  Please stop by any of the campuses on Wednesday.  See if we have that item your store never carries.  Give what you can.  Your extra could be just what your neighbor needed.   By doing so, our communities can learn what we teach our kindergarteners: the importance of sharing.

Contact your school leader for more information

Vernetta Madsen (480) 396 3522 Director of the Self Development Preschool and Human Resources for Self Development Academy   

Sherri Cote (602) 274-1910 Director of Self Development Academy-Phoenix 

James C Born (602) 675-0125 Director of Self Development Academy-Glendale

Art Donation Program

Make and Donate Art Projects For Nursing Homes. 

The coronavirus has left our grandparents isolated without contact to their close family and friends.  Self Development started working with artists across the valley to find talented hearts who will donate cherished pieces to enrich the lives of nursing homes. SDA students and family are already ahead of the game, donating created artwork and wellness cards to seniors in nursing homes.   Art can speak so much, especially to those with family with whom they cannot speak.  

Please contact us for more information on how YOU can help

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