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Research finds that mindfulness, or the practice of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, decreases stress and anxiety while increasing attention and emotional regulation. When cultivated at a young age, mindfulness equips children to distance themselves from upsetting thoughts and emotions and instead observe them without immediately reacting. It is a worldview of reality as continuous, dynamic, and holistic, and it is a hallmark of Self Development Academy (SDA). 

Based off dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness teaches students how to handle daily challenges without being emotionally reactive. They learn that how to self-regulate during extreme emotional states by learning how to recognize physiological responses to stress, anxiety, and other negative prompting events at school, at home, and more importantly, in life. 

SDA helps students develop mindfulness skills that allow them to be more present and less anxious, more aware and less reactive, more focused and less distracted. 

Social and Emotional Learning Skills 

SDA charter schools in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and Glendale focus on helping students develop social-emotional skills that will prepare them for the rigors of high school, college, careers, and life in general. Our comprehensive and coordinated approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) includes: 

SDA’s mindfulness and SEL programs are a cornerstone of our mission to empower students to take ownership of their learning and be able to contribute positively to society. Our vision is to nurture capable, confident, and emotionally mature students who perceive problems as opportunities. Together, mindfulness and SEL helps our students remain steadfast in pursuit of their goals. 

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