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Self Development Academy Teacher Conveys her Passion for Science to the Students

Providing a strong science foundation is an important part of Self Development Academy's (SDA) curriculum. Read more about Ms. Laura Meyer, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yale University graduate and SDA science professional/teacher. 

Students at SDA begin thinking like scientists in the early elementary years. First graders delight in active hands-on investigations. Exploring why the paper towel in the cup does not get wet when the cup is submerged in water quickly becomes a lesson on air pressure. Practicing the scientific method prepares students to think like scientists when moving to SDA's middle school, where investigations become more complex.

SDA is fortunate to have Ms. Laura Meyer as the science professional. She is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Yale University graduate. Her life story is a powerful testimony regarding the impact of science. As a child, her primary interest was rocks. "I promptly emptied my father's tools from the garage shelves to make room for my rock collection," she said. "My parents encouraged my curiosity and love of the outdoors. They were willing to hose mud off of me on a regular basis."

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