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The following programs enhance the curriculum for students at Self Development Academy (SDA) Charter Schools in Mesa and Phoenix, providing them with new and exciting opportunities to learn and develop their talents and skills:

The Literary Analysis Program includes detailed reading of literature and meaningful discussions. Through this program, which begins in second grade, students develop an appreciation for classic literature. By exercising a justification of responses, students learn to engage in in-depth analysis with their peers. Selected novels and poems are age appropriate, encourage critical thinking, and develop a love for reading.

Greek Mythology introduces students to stories that they discuss based on themes, character development, and critical analysis. Through a broad foundation of Greek literature, students discuss recurring themes and how they relate to modern issues.

Foreign Language options include Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish and are available Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Science labs provide the unique opportunity for students to learn about and participate in the scientific process each week. This experience, rare in elementary schools, encourages critical thinking and hands-on learning for all students.

Science fair, held annually, gives students the opportunity to explore an area of interest within science fields and apply the scientific process.

Math Counts provides Middle School students with an opportunity to hone their mathematical skills and compete in math competitions with other Valley students.

ScienceBowl is another competitive opportunity for Middle School students to compete with other Valley students.

Music instruction is an introductory and interactive class for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students. Students showcase their musical talents with bi-annual performances.

Violin program provides a balance to the rigor of the academic curriculum for Grades 2 through 8. Open to all students in Grades 2 through 8, the opportunity to learn to play an instrument allows students to cultivate their musical skills and creativity.

Percussion program includes a state-of-the-art electronic drum lab. Through weekly classes students learn how to read music and play various types of drums and percussion instruments.

Class plays occur at the end of each school year for every grade level. Theatrical performances provide an opportunity to showcase each student's talent.

Field trips allow each class to experience education in a new setting. All classes participate in at least one field trip per year. Trips have included the Phoenix Zoo, Halle Heart Children's Museum, Phoenix Botanical Gardens, i.d.e.a. Museum, Butterfly Wonderland, Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and the Arizona Science Center.

Clubs are offered as enrichment activities for the students to attend after the regular school day. These include dance, dance troupe, choir, sports, Foreign Language (French, Spanish, and Mandarin) and tutoring. Clubs have performed at community events and participated in local competitions.

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