COVID-19 UPDATE: SCHOOLS CLOSED for the remainder of the school year.  Learning materials and Online learning available.  Please Note: Self Development Preschool's Daycare Program remains open Monday-Friday 5:45am-6:00pm

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East Mesa Campus

East Mesa Campus

Self Development Academy - East Mesa
7930 E Baseline Road
Mesa, AZ 85209

Exceptional futures start at Self Development Academy (SDA) in East Mesa. We are passionate about your child’s learning and are committed to developing their true potential. Our vision is to empower and inspire students, and to equip them with a library of knowledge and diverse thinking skills so they make their future a better place for everyone.  

SDA East Mesa is one of our newest campus locations in the Valley, providing the same high-quality education and enhanced learning that has made Self Development Academy among the best elementary schools in Arizona. High quality, advanced K-8 education taught with enriched instruction methods by the nation’s top educators—that’s SDA Easy Mesa.  

See for yourself how SDA helps transform today’s scholars into tomorrow’s global leaders and visionaries. Enroll your child today! 

SDA East Mesa Overview

What Does “Self-Development” Mean? 

At our core, SDA East Mesa is about full brain learning. We combine critical thinking and creative thinking so that students know how to analyze, critique, and create. Our research-based curriculum, intervention program, and instructional practices help students to develop the bests of themselves: we help students develop themselves. It is also about developing civic-minded individuals. Through interdisciplinary projects and our social-emotional learning program students develop a sense of self, an identity, filled with passions, interests, aesthetics, and hobbies. 

The Most Advanced K-8 Curriculum in East Mesa

SDA features an advanced, challenging, and captivating curriculum that challenges and rewards students. The curriculum is designed to introduce students to advanced concepts in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, music, philosophy, literature, and language. Aligned to standards set by the Arizona Department of Education (AZED), our curriculum is taught one grade level above those standards, which helps better prepare our scholars for success as they progress through higher levels of education. In fact, many of our students go on to take Advanced Placement (AP) and college-level courses as freshmen in high school. 

In addition to being advanced and accelerated, our curriculum also focuses on the inter-relatedness of all subject areas in order to help our students recognize, understand, and navigate the connections and relationships that make learning come to life. This unique, interdisciplinary curriculum allows children to learn without the restrictions of subject boundaries, so that they may explore the limitless connections between what they learn in school and what they experience in the world.

Good education means a great diversity of courses and programs, and that is exactly what SDA East Mesa provides. Our focus on enhanced learning opportunities help learners of all ages develop their skills and interests in art, math, science, and language. The objective of these enhancements is to ignite a passion for lifelong learning. Our teachers bring each student to mastery level learning; once mastery is attained in a subject, students engage in deep, creative, and critical thinking about the material and concepts in order to enhance and enrich their understanding.

Our advanced and rigorous elementary school curriculum is intended to: 

  • Foster the development of literate citizens
  • Hone critical thinking skills to succeed in the age of information
  • Develop creative thinking skills for advanced problem solving 
  • Create an appreciation for literature, critical analysis, and the arts 
  • Cultivate sensitivity to diversity

Enhanced Learning for All Students

SDA is rooted in the philosophy that every child has a learning style that works best for them. We then identify those different learning styles that resonate with each child so students can learn more successfully. This unique model provides for one-on-one and small group learning opportunities so students can receive more personalized instruction tailored to their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and abilities. This model is great for gifted students who are ready to work ahead and explore more challenging concepts, as well as for students needing more personal attention and instructional time with our highly qualified and passionate teachers.

Parent Involvement Welcomed!

The success of SDA, and the success of our students, is in large part due to our active and involved parents. We welcome parent involvement and participation in our classrooms, on field trips, and during before- and after-school programs. Student safety is paramount at all SDA elementary schools in the Valley, so parents must obtain a fingerprint clearance card in order to volunteer. Interested parents can obtain a free IVP fingerprint card from: 

Community Wellness and Safety of Arizona
522 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 104 
Gilbert, AZ 85234

What Students and Parents Can Expect at SDA East Mesa

Before- and After-School Programs

To better accommodate students and parents that require more flexibility in the morning and afternoon, our East Mesa campus offers before- and after-school programs that extend learning, supervision, and activity hours. The before-school program is available between 6:30am and 7:30am and includes breakfast. The after-school program runs between 3:00pm and 4:30pm. Students use this time to work on homework and focus on different learning activities. These special activities rotate throughout the week as follows (subject to change): 

  • Monday – Art
  • Tuesday – Dance/Music Club
  • Wednesday – Technology 
  • Thursday – Sports
  • Friday – Poetry/Book Club 


The typical day for a Kindergarten student may include: 

  • Mindfulness
  • Daily oral language and math review  
  • Phonics and English language arts (ELA) 
  • Physical education (once a week)
  • Music (once a week)

Grades 1-4

The typical day for a student in 1st – 4th grade may include: 

  • Mindfulness
  • Math block 
  • Reading block
  • Writing/grammar
  • Logic and reasoning (3X a week)
  • Science
  • Social studies 
  • Physical education (once a week)
  • Music (once a week)

Space is Limited, Enroll Now! 

Students are enrolled on a first come, first-served basis. Preference is given to students with siblings already enrolled. SDA Gilbert does not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, language proficiency, or ability. Start your enrollment today or contact us online if you have questions. 

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