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Self Development Academy (SDA) curriculum is based on the philosophy that each child has a specific learning style. SDA believes that by identifying different learning styles, children will learn more successfully. Our mastery learning approach encourages students to try new concepts, appreciate their abilities, and link effort with achievement.The school uses a highly rigorous curriculum comparable to the International Cambridge model to challenge students and prepare them for high school, college, career, and life beyond. This has led to our charter schools in Phoenix and Mesa AZ to consistently rank as one of the best in the State and in the nation.

The curriculum is aligned to standards set by the Arizona Department of Education, teaching one grade level above those standards. The challenging curriculum is distinctively designed to reach all types of learners, using a combination of strategies to enhance learning and inspire. Our unique approach to education focuses on the increasingly important integration of new, research-based knowledge with traditionally upheld views that have withstood the tests of time.

The success of the rigorous academic program at SDA is attributed to the passion, care, and pedagogical acumen of the classroom teachers. Teachers make learning fun and achievable, motivating students to achieve high goals. The mastery learning approach affirms that all children can learn.

Through SDA's rigorous curriculum, enrichment activities, dedicated staff and engaged parents, SDA students become lifelong learners.

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