School Begins August 4, 2020 with Remote Learning for All Students. School Distant Learning Plans are available.

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Student attendance will be taken utilizing a combination of three methods. The three methods are by attendance at scheduled live instructional sessions, completion and submission of assignments, as well as, a weekly submitted parent attestation form. Students must participate in the remote learning program if enrolled at Self Development Academy.

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Creative Writing

Creative Writing 

Imagine a world in which everyone spent primary school cultivating and refining their creative faculties. Imagine a world shaped by storytellers and expressive communicators. Imagine a world of unlimited possibility and endless creativity. That’s a world Self Development Academy (SDA) is trying to create, one student at a time. 

SDA’s creative writing program helps students discover and innovate. Students learn storytelling, short creative fiction, journalism, creative nonfiction, and writing for the stage and screen, all of which help develop their organizational abilities, communication skills, and cognitive growth. Studies also show that children who practice creative writing often perform better in other subjects like math and science thanks to refinements in their critical and creative thinking skills. Grammar principles are explored, honed, using these rules to discover storytelling.  For instance, autobiographies can teach past tense and poetry can teach varying sentence structure.

Creative writing instruction helps SDA accomplish our mission to nurture students’ inner spirit of curiosity and develop a lifelong love of learning. Through our creative writing programs, we help our learners develop: 

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