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Becoming a good reader

Do you get it?

How to be a good reader

Becoming a good reader is more than mastering the big words. Whether your student is just starting to recognize letters or has been burying her nose in a book for years, we have an opportunity to develop strong readers in our students and in ourselves, and that might look differently than you expect.

In short, being a good reader is being functionally literate, which means you can understand complex issues, abstract ideas, and new information after reading about them.

According to Dr. Willingham, a University of Virginia professor and reading expert, reading comprehension depends on several things beyond vocabulary. Readers understand what they read if they already have a foundation of knowledge on the subject matter. Therefore, early education should spend less time on the mechanics of reading and more time on general information in areas like history and science.

At SDA, we’re on the same page as Dr. Willingham, so to speak. Our mission is to raise up lifelong learners with a passion for gaining knowledge in subjects from the arts to computer programming to science and mathematics.

As parents, you can help develop young reading minds in your children in several ways:

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