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An Open Letter to Parents from SDA Teachers

Dear Parents,

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and we’ve received sweet notes, thoughtful gifts, practical gift cards, and lots of hugs. We are so grateful for it all! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for seeing us and appreciating us. The only thing better than feeling the love from our students’ parents is feeling it from our students, and they take their cues – on school and everything else in life – from you!

As the school year draws to a close, we know it is so much more difficult to stay on top of reading logs, permission slips, school projects, and end-of-the-year events. Even the most organized and color-coded parent feels the effects of longer days and neighborhood baseball games until twilight and picnic meals consisting of granola bars and oranges.

There is something about these last few weeks of school that finds us all – teacher, parent, student – caught between two worlds: wanting to linger a little longer right where we are, gazing back at the schoolyear, and jumping full-force into summer and all the change that comes with it.

As we make this transition together, dear parents, know that your children are loved by your teachers. We are going to finish strong, and we are so proud of our classes and their hard work! We will think of them this summer, as each student inevitably comes to mind for one reason or another, and we will smile and hold on to our hopes for these kids moving forward. We might also chuckle and shake our heads a little – you might know which kids we’re thinking of! – but our anticipation for great things in their futures is the same. Sometimes it’s that hard-fought battle to win a child over to hope – where they see their own potential and own it – that makes the most lasting mark on a teacher’s heart.

So thank you, parents. Thank you for trusting us to teach your children, and thank you for playing such a vital role in the process. When you ask your students about the most interesting thing they learned today, when you let them practice their presentation for you over and over, when you give them that final squeeze before they head out the door to let them know that you are rooting for them – these are lasting impacts.

And now we’re in the home stretch. Let’s finish this together! Our hearts have been marked by you and your kids, and it’s an honor to be your teachers.


Your teachers at Self Development Academy

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