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An Open Letter to Parents from SDA Teachers

Dear Parents, Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and we’ve received sweet notes, thoughtful gifts, practical gift cards, and lots of hugs. We are so grateful for it all! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for seeing us and appreciating us. The only thing better than feeling the love from our students’ parents is feeling it from our students, and they take their cues – on school… Read more »

A Morning Routine for Maintaining Mental Health

May is mental health month. Finding ways to take care of our minds and bodies is a lifelong practice that will benefit anyone, no matter the age, and maintaining our mental health is a process and an act of self-care we can teach to our kids. Read more »

Starting Early: Middle School and College Admissions

In the midst of celebrity college admissions scandals, the nation has turned an eye to the college application process in general. For middle schoolers, now is the perfect time to prepare for college admissions, step by step. Read more »

Tips For Establishing a Healthy Amount of Screen Time

  Screens can be an easy go-to – highly desired by the kids and quickly allowed by their parents. It’s a one-stop shop for endless entertainment and communication:  social media, texting, Youtube, games, Netflix, etc. But before you charge up the screens, we ask that you do two things: First, check out this comprehensive list from the American Academy of Pediatrics on safe and healthy screen… Read more »

Full Circle

One of my earliest memories is of my maternal grandmother. She would write in her notepad, and I would weave in and out of completing logic puzzles and running around the yard. At the time I thought of the activity as a game -- “answer these questions about shapes and order, then go run around the flowers” -- in which each activity was a reward for the other. I did not realize at the time that… Read more »

Rising Above the Achievement Trap

Any hard-working entrepreneur will agree that the road to success is paved by failure. But for many students, one success after another paves a way as far away from failure as possible. This Atlantic piece, written by a mother who is also a teacher, dives into a common trap where children value achievement more than learning. They have “sacrificed (their) natural curiosity and love of learning at… Read more »

How to Master a Subject

At Self Development charter school, we talk a lot about our students cultivating a love for knowledge and becoming lifelong learners. As parents, that’s a noble cause we can all get behind, but our paths to get to this parental objective are varied and diverse. Were you educated in a public, private, or charter school? Beyond the institutions of education, do you enjoy learning about subjects that… Read more »

The importance of reading to your infant

For many fortunate adults, childhood books have been threaded into the fiber of their earliest memories. As young children, a love for books develops before they can read or even recognize a letter. Beautiful illustrations, harrowing tales, silly characters, and gallant heroes should make their first appearances long before little eyes and ears can fully comprehend. The benefits of reading to infants… Read more »

Becoming a good reader

Do you get it? How to be a good reader Becoming a good reader is more than mastering the big words. Whether your student is just starting to recognize letters or has been burying her nose in a book for years, we have an opportunity to develop strong readers in our students and in ourselves, and that might look differently than you expect. In short, being a good reader is being functionally literate,… Read more »

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